Current Work In Progress

This 20″ x 30″ x 16″ coffee table is made from scrap Cherry and repurposed Jatoba surfaces that I made for a different project that didn’t work out. I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out, which is good, because I’m keeping this one. Will put up more pics once I get the stain on it.

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Walnut Sales Counter Desk and Bookshelf with Matching Shelves and Secondary Table

I was delighted to accept this commission for my local neighborhood used book store (Pegasus Books in West Seattle), as in my other life I am a writer of fiction and occasional non-fiction, and an avid reader going back more than four decades. Built to spec from Armor-core walnut plywood and walnut planks cut into a subway tile pattern, and featuring two locking cash drawers, two office supply drawers, an integrated power strip and CPU platform, and about 27′ worth of 10″ deep shelving, I am very happy with how this 84″ x 33″ x 24″ sales counter/bookshelf/desk turned out. I also built this sturdy matching stand for a card catalog and three shelves with flared sides to hold books up (the third isn’t shown, as it had to be trimmed before I could install it, and I did not take pictures after).

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Corner Cat Cabinet with Attached Bookshelf

One of my more unique projects. This corner cabinet made of cherry, sapele, and scrap plywood is made to house a litter box. It’s lined with aromatic cedar, and has cat doors to either side. Atop it, a bookshelf that attaches to either side of the rear corner.

If you’d like me to make you something like this, email, call/text 206.271.6133, or fill out the form below.

Heirloom Cedar Barn Door

This 7′ x 7′ Sliding Barn Door is made from fifty year-old cedar planks and salvaged old growth fir 2x4s from back when they were actually two inches by four inches. The 16′ headboard is also made from vintage fir studs. Door features two vintage leaded glass windows, 1′ x 6′ and is mounted on a double-length rail with slow-close hardware at each end. Sixteen 1/2″ steel dowels hold the whole thing together.

This one tooks me months to build. The windows, at 1/4″ thick, were too fragile to use for the milling and fitting process, so I had to make proxies out of plywood. The whole thing was so big it had to be assembled not only onsite, but on the mezzanine where it lives.

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Walnut Corner Media Stand

I made this from scrap walnut, both hardwood and ply-, left over from the Bookshelf Sales Counter. 33″ high and almost 48″ on the long axis, it very comfortably fits a television and selection of favorite movies in the corner, turned slightly out for a nice, relaxing viewing experience.

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Live Edge Alder Coffee Table $200

I bought a small lot of live-edge alder planks from the widow of an old shop neighbor, and built this 2′ x 4′ coffee table as a floor model for maker’s markets. The planks are nicely figured, and every outer edge is a live-edge. Complementary stains on horizontal and vertical surfaces give this otherwise rustic piece a subtle hint of edge.

This item is for sale.

Alder Coffee Table

Live edge locally-sourced alder wood coffee table, 2' x 4' x 18"