Jatoba Offset Double Bookshelf

Sometimes you need some more shelving space. If you’re a reader like my partner and I, you find your bookshelves fill up quickly. This slim, low-profile offset shelf is only 7″ deep — perfect for apartment living where space is a premium! Made from scrap Jatoba plywood trimmed with hardwood.

If you’d like one, or something like it, fill out the form below, or call/text 206.271.6133.

Mission Statement

DT Fabrications began five years ago, when I moved into a new apartment and needed some furniture. I started out working in a friend’s shop, and built myself some bookshelves, a shoe rack, and a spice rack from a lot of old cedar siding my friend and I bought for a cabin. The textures and weathering of these characterful old boards fascinated me, and while their irregularities made them tricky to work with, I was energized by the challenge and eager to do more.

The picture above is one of my first commissions, made from that same lot of cedar.

Since then, I’ve made several bespoke pieces, including entertainment centers, cabinets, tables, desks, coat racks, spice racks, bookshelves, and, once, a combination daybed/storage cabinet, and shoe rack. Recently, I renovated a completely raw, unfinished attic space into a sleeping loft, using salvaged and surplus materials, that included a skylight, expanded window, and a combination bookshelf and alternating tread stair for access.

My aesthetic is a melding of rustic and modern, with clean, simple designs that highlight the character of the material. Every piece is one of a kind, made by hand and to order, and built to your specifications.